Quality Prime Movers Can Come With Many Features For Your Use

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Great prime movers can be attractive for your general transportation needs. Just think about how so many of these movers can help you out with moving tens of thousands of kilograms of weight around Australia. You should still see what can come about within any mover you plan on driving. The features that come within a vehicle like this are dedicated to giving you control while also helping you get your vehicle moving as well as possible.

How Do the Axles Work?

prime moversThe axles that you’ll find in a prime mover for sale can be designed in a 4×2 pattern. That is, there is a single drive axle to use while the four drive wheels are on the same single drive. This will include two additional axles for control on the front and rear wheels. This is different from a 4×4 where all wheels have independent forms of control but it will still be very easy for you to use and enjoy having.

This should be very easy to use as required but you need to make sure you’re properly trained to handle a primer mover with this setup in mind. It’s easy to drive with it after you get used to it but it may be challenging for those who aren’t used to larger vehicles.

Big Engines Are Needed

Prime movers need big engines to move them forward. These vehicles have massive payloads even when they aren’t towing anything. Fortunately, an engine with at least seven litres can be used. This can use a high-pressure fuel injection system to get the combustion process to run as quickly as possible. It can also operate at different speeds to fit your travel needs as required.

Catalytic Reduction Helps Too

Many of today’s prime movers for sale also feature catalytic reduction features. This keep the exhaust gas from being too intense. In particular, particulates are cleaned out and reduced as the gas is generated. Materials can be decomposed into water to create a safer engine that will not let off as many emissions and will carefully keep the engine from overheating. This in turn keeps the engine healthy and capable of lasting as long as possible. You may not even need any special types of oil to make this work.

Don’t Forget the Cabin

Of course, you’ll probably be driving one of these vehicles for hours on end while transporting items around Australia. The cabin inside your mover should be checked with care. This includes a cabin that features more than just the right mirrors and control features. It needs a comfortable and well-contoured seat and a climate-controlled inside that is easy to control and adjust as needed. Anything that makes working with your truck as easy to handle as possible can be worthwhile and interesting to have.

Remember to look for these features in the prime movers that you look for. You can always contact UD Trucks at 1300 289 283 for help with getting the most out of any kind of mover that you want to utilize. The options you’ll come across for sale are varied and can fit in with your requirements for transportation needs.

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